Audit – CryptoMiner World – 2019

Sophophilia Studios team asked me to review their smart contracts code and prepare an audit. Those was quite unusual task because I had very little time to deliver high quality report. It wasn’t easy, but I succeeded.

Robert really stepped up to the plate with this job challenge. We had a very tight deadline and Robert was able to give this job is full attention and meet some very tough requirements in a short time frame. From job posting to finished job was less than a week, and most estimates we got, for once the job even started was 1-2 weeks. Thanks Robert! – John, Sophophilia Studios.

Game Github:

Lunched in late 2017, Awesome CryptoKitties opened a new era of ERC721 based decentralized games. Being a pioneer, they didn’t have to make their decentralized game architecture perfect, they have left this issue to their followers.

CryptoMiner World is one of these followers. We’ve raised questions and problems left by our predecessors and designed the solutions to address these issues:

  • Immutability vs upgradability in ERC721 based decentralized games
  • Flexible and powerful access control
  • Gas cost optimizations, transaction load reduction by leveraging off-chain capabilities

TruffleCon 2019 – Selling Art on Blockchain

During my not so long blockchain career I have already worked on three art related projects:

Each of them was in some way interesting and I wanted to share my experience with other people. I asked to speak on prestigious TruffleCon conference on Microsoft Campus in Redmond. I was happy to get an e-mail from Truffle team with information that my speech was accepted.

Unfortunately, because of Visa issues I wasn’t able to travel, but organizers asked me to record short video with my talk so they could present during conference. I did as I was asked and my speech was played in Microsoft Campus.

I guess I can’t say I spoke on TruffleCon, but I am sure I can say that video produced and directed by me ( :)) was played during this conference. I am proud of it 🙂

C-ORG Optimizer – 2019

This is the project I worked on in 2019. It is an optimization module developed for Fairmint company. should be used together winth Uniswap Exchange and C-ORG DAT Smart Contract. The idea is that user can buy FAIR tokens directly from DAT ( C-ORG Decentralized Autonomous Trust ) contract or from Uniswap. Selling and buying price is calculated differently in both of those smart contracts. You can read more about it here:

NPM Package:


SkyWork Stable Coin – 2019

Short term project. Implementation of Stable Coin based on ERC-20 token for client from Singapore.

This was pretty simple project. The most important factor in this project was to help client to define his requirements. From there it was down the hill. I used Open-Zeppelin Solidity library to implement basic ERC-20 functionality and implemented additional modifications to implement a feature to allow client to:

  • mint new tokens
  • block users
  • destroy funds of blocked users


Fortune Cookies – 2019

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash
Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

I consulted and implemented few smart contracts for Snark.Art for their Fortune Cookies project. From blockchain perspective it wasn’t very complicated endeavour. Smart contract was based on standard ERC-20 Openzeppelin library with few modifications. What is so great about this project is that Snark.Art decided to sell AI generated poems using blockchain. I was very happy to be part of project combining two revolutionary technologies: AI and Blockchain.

Here are some poems created by AI persona called Mr.Fox. You should check their website if you want to find more.

Neither of us is human – we’re alike in that sense – Mr. Fox, AI

We must not be scared by the phrase “the end of the human cause” – Mr. Fox, AI

We are all creation attempt – Mr. Fox, AI

Everis Group – Consulting Project – 2019

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

Innovation team from Everis, Madrid asked me to help them to start their work in blockchain space. We worked together for a month. During this time I delivered for them new Smart Contracts, review their code, gave 5 hours training on security issues in solidity and also delivered additional documentation and training manuals they could use in the future. This was very good and interesting experience.

His professionalism and dedication is absolutely great! We are very glad he could be part of this project! We will keep his contact and hopefully we can collaborate again in a near future” – Everis Madrid.

TuneTrader – 2018

Ethereum based project allowing content creators to create their own ERC-20 tokens and trade them with their followers.

Project was implemented in solidity, vue.js, python and truffle. Metamask was used as base crypto-wallet. This was pretty long and difficult project. I was responsible for Full Stack implementation.



Viddo – 2018

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash
Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

VIDDO is a fair revenue distribution social video platform. This Hungarian startup asked me to implement ERC-20 based smart contract for them with following features:

  • Burnable: Yes
  • Mintable: No
  • Pausable: No
  • Name: VIDDOtoken
  • Symbol: VDT
  • Decimals: 0
  • Total supply: 100 000 000 (100 * 10 ** 6)

It was great to work with them. I really appreciated the way they communicate with their subcontractors.


Robert was responsible for one of the most important business unit of the VIDDO. We had spent long hours together and co-operated in projects and campaigns – and I can tell that he is a detail oriented, innovative and careful perfectionist. His ideas, skills, creativity and understanding of change requests made every project a dream. Robert did not fail me a single time. He was an independent, energetic and proactive developer. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Robert is your man!

Snark Art – 89 seconds atomized – 2018

Snark.Art developed very complicated smart contract for their video project – 89 seconds Atomized. I was asked to review it and come up with a new architecture which would make this smart contract easy to upgrade in the future. I was also asked to look for possible security issues. This was few months long consulting and security audit project.

It was a pleasure to work with them.

Earthethereum – 2017

This was my first serious block chain project based on Ethereum Smart Contract. Earthereum is smart contract based strategy game where players buy countries and can attack each other and also pay for defences to protect themselves from attacks of their enemies.

There are three types of military attacks: infantry, tanks, air force. Each attack has different cost and different possibility to harm country being attacked.

It took me 4 months to deliver this product. It was very good learning experience. I was pretty new to Solidity and Vue.js so this was a good chance to learn new skills.

Technologies: Vue.js, Solidity, Python, Truffle, Metamask.