Audit – CryptoMiner World – 2019

Sophophilia Studios team asked me to review their smart contracts code and prepare an audit. Those was quite unusual task because I had very little time to deliver high quality report. It wasn’t easy, but I succeeded.

Robert really stepped up to the plate with this job challenge. We had a very tight deadline and Robert was able to give this job is full attention and meet some very tough requirements in a short time frame. From job posting to finished job was less than a week, and most estimates we got, for once the job even started was 1-2 weeks. Thanks Robert! – John, Sophophilia Studios.

Game Github:

Lunched in late 2017, Awesome CryptoKitties opened a new era of ERC721 based decentralized games. Being a pioneer, they didn’t have to make their decentralized game architecture perfect, they have left this issue to their followers.

CryptoMiner World is one of these followers. We’ve raised questions and problems left by our predecessors and designed the solutions to address these issues:

  • Immutability vs upgradability in ERC721 based decentralized games
  • Flexible and powerful access control
  • Gas cost optimizations, transaction load reduction by leveraging off-chain capabilities